An abandoned Farm near Derwent Village

These photos were taken in January 2004.

Abandoned farm near Derwent Village in January 2004

You can clearly see the lines of the old walls, presumably marking the garden.

A Bridge in Derwent Village

Derwent Village Bridge in January 2004

It's strange to think that the river Derwent still sits under Ladybower.

Here's the old bridge still spanning what remains of a small tributary that led into the main river.

The remains of Derwent Church

Derwent Church in January 2004

Just to the left of centre you can still see the two gate posts that led into the churchyard.

The church was built in 1876 and closed after the last service in March 1943.

A number of bodies were exhumed in 1940 and re-interred in Bamford Church graveyard.